Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pink Necklace.
Materials: Catseyes with glass beads.
Length approx. 35cm.

Materials: glass beads.
Price: RM25

Cluster Necklace.
Materials: glass pearls and swarovski crystal.
Price: RM22

Materials: glass beads.
Price: RM 35
Length approx. 40cm.
Earrings: Rm15

Remake possible. Please email me if you are interested
Colour Chain Necklace.
Materials: glass beads.
Length approx. 45cm.
Price: RM29.

Materials; seashells.
Price; RM20.

Materials: gold glass pearls.
Price: RM20.
Length approx. 21cm.

Materials: black glass pearls
Price: RM22.
Length approx. 26cm

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